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Mechanical Assembly & Decorating Services

Assembly & Decorating Services
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Assembly & Decorating Services

R&D Plastics is a full service provider of plastic injection molding, providing customers with a number of value added services such as engineering and technical support. In addition to our already impressive line of capabilities is the provision of a comprehensive assembly and decorating service.

A large proportion of products manufactured with injection molding are in fact multi component assemblies, which often require the use of multiple vendors. R&D Plastics' value added assembly services eliminate this complicating factor by allowing complete production in-house. This service consists of the assembly of molded or sourced items, box build assemblies, and includes complete assembly, testing, packaging, and fulfillment.

From basic to complex assemblies, R&D Plastics possesses the capabilities to perform tasks such as ultra-sonic welding, heat staking, machining, drilling, and grit basting, as well as other common assembly processes. Decorating and printing capabilities include pad printing, hydrographic dip coating, painting, EMI shielding, and plating. Our years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge can also provide design and process support for many requirements including packaging and re-packaging.

Because these services can be applied to such a wide array of applications and industries, an equally large amount of testing capabilities are also available. R&D Plastics utilizes highly calibrated inspection equipment such as a Microview 3D imaging system, which can be applied to tolerances as small as .5 microns, a coordinate optical comparator measuring machine (CMM), as well as various height gauges and other standared measuring tools. These comprehensive capabilities are carried out by trained inspectors to ISO standards.

For more information about these services, or how R&D Plastics can provide you with a single source solution for your next injection molding project, see the table below or contact R&D Plastics directly.

Mechanical Assembly and Decorating Capabilities

Assembly Processes Ultra-sonic insertion and welding
Component Assembly
Machining & Drilling
Assembled Products Custom Assemblies for Agriculture, Electronics, Transportation,             
Recreation and Medical applications.
Decorating Services Pad-printing
Sub-contract of Hydrographic dip Coating
Sub-contract of metal plating finishes on plastic
Decorating Processes Pad-Printing, Painting, EMI Shielding, Plating,
hydrographic printing
Additional Services Provided Design assistance
Product Packaging
Product Re-Packaging
Injection molding
Purchasing of sub-components
Inspection Equipment Calibrated equipment and tools
Microview (.5 micron)
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Optical Comparator
Height gage and other hand tools
Testing Dimensional
Torque-out & jack-out of threaded fasteners
Surface profile
Quality Trained Inspectors
Real Time ERP System (IQMS)

Additional Information

Industry Focus Broad range of markets for assembly in diverse applications:
Electronics agriculture
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008 Certified
UL Registered
Efficiency Lean Manufacturing
Design Software Solid-Works
Flow Molding Software Mold Flow Advisor Ultimate
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