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Competitive Pricing

Micromolded part on a penny to show scale
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Micromolded part on a penny to show scale.

Controlling the Cost of Your Plastic Injection Molding Jobs

There are many factors that influence the cost of a project. The primary way we help you save money on your plastic injection molding jobs is through our experience. By understanding the real contributions to cost we can offer options for cost avoidance and cost reduction.

Once the part geometry is defined, the material is selected and the mold is complete, the cost of the molded part is pretty much set. By reviewing and making some improvements before tooling we may be able to significantly reduce mold and part costs.

Example A

Original customer design of housing and cover requires a mold with nine lifts and seven slides. After review and discussion with customer and design team the need for four of the lifts and five of the slides were easily eliminated, reducing the mold cost by approximately $8,000.

Example B

Original part design and gating location would have had significant waste of expensive precolored material and additional labor for part removal and trimming. Slight change to part geometry allowed for reduced runner system and automatic trimming which significantly reduced labor cost.

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