CapabilitiesPlastic Injection Molding ServicesEngineering ServicesAssembly & Decorating ServicesPast ProjectsOvermolding and Sonic Welding of a Fillet Knife Handle for the Recreational IndustryInjection Molding of
a Reinforced Nylon Component with Double
- Lead Helix for the Medical Industry
Injection Molding of a Specialized POM Spinning Rotor for the Waste Management IndustryInjection Molding of a PC/ABS Disk Drive HousingInjection Molding of a Nylon Space Heater Blower for the Heating IndustryInjection Molding, Decoration, Ultra-Sonic Insertion and Mechanical Assembly of a PC/ABS Fan Filter Unit for the Computer Industry

Intense Focus

Tino tests a part for adherence to quality standards
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Tino tests a part for adherence to quality standards

At R&D Plastics the focus is on plastic injection molding

Our business model is quite narrow in that it drives only the injection and attendant services.

Clean, tight shop

Our clean and well organized facility provides a safe and efficient environment for our staff. Cleanliness and organization is a critical part of our ability to service the medical community, and it also acts to promote other lean concepts that have been implemented and/or are in process.

Continuous improvement list

Generated by the contribution of employees, R&D Plastics has an ongoing list of project, process, and systems improvements that are tracked, prioritized, and implemented to improve quality and efficiency.

Empowered employees

Every R&D Plastics staff member takes pride in his or her work. With general job descriptions, quality responsibility and encouragement to problem solve, each employee is accountable for success.

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