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a Reinforced Nylon Component with Double
- Lead Helix for the Medical Industry
Injection Molding of a Specialized POM Spinning Rotor for the Waste Management IndustryInjection Molding of a PC/ABS Disk Drive HousingInjection Molding of a Nylon Space Heater Blower for the Heating IndustryInjection Molding, Decoration, Ultra-Sonic Insertion and Mechanical Assembly of a PC/ABS Fan Filter Unit for the Computer Industry

Mold Resources

After part design, the biggest determinate of part quality is the quality of the mold. Therefore, it's important to consider the desired life of the mold, how the prototype will be created and tested, as well as issues such as mold transfer, mold materials and mold standards. Each moldmaker has different capabilities. R&D Plastics selects moldmakers based on the fulfillment of their abilities.

Mold Considerations

  • Prototype
  • Insert (Master Unit Die)
  • Limited Production (Small volume)
  • Production
  • High Volume production
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