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Plastics Engineering & Technical Support

Plastics Engineering & Technical Support
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Plastics Engineering & Technical Support

R&D Plastics provides engineering support in the form of material selection assistance and advice on part design for tooling and manufacturability. The company also manages the mold design, construction and qualification to prepare the mold for problem-free production. R&D Plastics produces plastic injection molded parts for a wide variety of industries using virtually all available thermo plastic materials. Addtionally, R&D Plastics provides assembly and decorating options to our customers.

R&D Plastics also presents a number of plastic injection molding seminars to educate customers on the molding process and part design. Lunch and learn presentations on specific materials or new process technologies are occasionally offered to keep our customers up to date.

General steps involved in plastics engineering include understanding the application, part design, quotes, prototyping, mold design and construction, mold qualification, part approval, and production. When choosing a material, factors such as the environment, aesthetics, material cost, application, and dimensional requirements must be considered. R&D Plastics can assist with design challenges such as snaps, hinges, light pipes, overmolding, insert molding, structural foam molding, and thin-walled molding.

R&D Plastics can provide comprehensive part pricing documentation when required. Our tight quality standards and Statistical Process Control (SPC) ensure that we consistently deliver the highest level of quality. To learn more about this capability, please see the table below or contact us today.

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Plastics Engineering & Technical Support Capabilities:

General Capabilities Part Design
Mold Design
Mold Creation / Construction
Plastic Injection Molding
Seminars Design
Lunch and Learn
Analysis Mold Flow
Typical Steps Candidates Review
Part Design and CAD Creation
Quote Mold
Quote Part
Prototype Parts
Part Design Review
Mold Design Review
Mold Construction
Mold Testing / Modifications
Part Approval
Quality Standards
Mold Price Factors Quality
Number of Cavities
Offshore vs. Onshore
Part Price Factors Material Selection
Labor Content
Production Rate
Order Quantity
Secondary Operations
Material Selection Considerations Environment
Material Cost
Dimensional Requirements
Plastic Part Design Considerations Snaps
Light Pipes
Insert Molding
Structural Foam Molding
Thin-Walled Molding
Documentation Part Pricing
Quality Standards
Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Additional Information

Industry Focus Agriculture
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008 Certified
ITAR Compliant
UL Registered
Efficiency Lean Manufacturing
Desgin Software SolidWorks
Flow Molding Software Mold Flow Advisor Ultimate
File Formats Preferred:

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