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Precision Plastic Injection Molding Services

Precision Plastic Injection Molding Services
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Precision Plastic Injection Molding Services

R&D Plastics' plastic injection molding services provide injection molding, insert molding, and elastomeric overmolding capabilities to clients in industries including medical, electronics, transportation, recreation, and defense.

Suited for miniature to very large sized components, including multi-component products, we utilize a variety of tooling and strategies. Working with a full range of materials, parts can be made from commodity, engineering or high-temperature materials, thermoplastic elastomers, structural foam, and more. Components can be finished with protective, cosmetic, hard, or conductive coatings. Our injection molding machines exert clamping forces of 40 to 720 tons with shot size ranging from .10 g to 8 lb. All molded components are inspected for dimensional accuracy.

Our experienced team can provide guidance to assist with engineering, product development, rapid prototyping, mold making, and tooling. Full or partial assembly, hot stamping, sonic inserting and welding, and packaging are some of the post-molding services offered by
R&D Plastics.

The table below outlines the full details of this precision plastic injection molding capability. Please contact us directly with any additional inquiries.

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Custom Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities:

General Capabilities Custom
Product Capabilities Miniature
Small Parts
Large Components
Mold Process Type Injection Molding
Insert Molding
Elastomeric Overmolding
  • Object 24 Solid Prototypes, High Resolution for Fine Detail and Good Surface
Materials Engineering Materials
High Temperature Materials (PEEK, ULTEM)
Thermoplastic Elastomers
Clear Plastics
Commodity Materials
Structural Foam
Glass Reinforced
Long Fiber Reinforced
UHMW Polyethylene (PE)
Polymer Alloys
Inherently Shielded 
Coatings Protective
Clamping Force 40 to 720 tons
Shot Size .10 g to 8 lbs.
Mold Features Multi Cavity
Family Molds
Hot Tip / Runner Tools
Unscrewing Molds
Collapsible Core Molds
Automatic Unscrewing
Tool Material Aluminum
Hardened Steel
Stainless Steel
Beryllium Copper
Die Set Master Unit Die Inserts
Mud Carriers
Inspection Calibrated
Microview (.5 micron)
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Optical Comparator
Testing Dimensional


Quality Trained Inspectors
Real Time ERP System (IQMS)
Secondary Operations Assembly (Full, Partial)
Pad Printing
Heat Staking
Hot Stamping
Sonic Inserting
Sonic Welding
Silk Screening
Plating (Outsourced)
Retail Packaging
Drop Shipping
Product Development
Rapid Prototyping
Mold Making
Production Volume Prototype to Production
Prototyping Object 24 solid properties
High resolution for fine detail and good surface

Additional Information

Industry Focus Agriculture
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008 Certified
ITAR Compliant
UL Registered
Efficiency Lean Manufacturing
File Formats SolidWorks Modeling - CAD Design Review             
Mold Flow Advisor Ultimate - Mold Filling Simulation
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