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Why Choose R&D Plastics?

Take a moment to browse through the categories for the benefits to using R&D Plastics for your plastic injection molding projects.

Superior Quality: Plastic Injection Molding Done Right

IUnderstanding the customer’s application is just the first step in the quality process. 

·       Having 3 seats of Solidworks in-house, we can carefully review files and closely view part geometries for the mold-making and molding process.

·       Our in-house Polyjet 3D printer can produce prototype samples for part design verification, or for inserting or pad-printing nests.

·       Where appropriate, we have and use Mold-flow software for running mold filling simulations in geometries that may have filling issues, or in applications involving highly viscous materials.

·       By working as a team and identifying key features and critical dimensions, the mold can be designed with respect to these key functional items. 

·       A well designed mold, with the proper gating, venting and cooling can make a difference in the production process.  

·       The material handling procedures and equipment that we have in place reduce risk of material contamination and process variation.  

·       The molding process is tested and verified, with specific attention to right size of the molding press for clamp tonnage, shot volume and control technology.

·       We establish and conduct regular quality checks and verify and document the results.

These individual elements add up to a more consistently controlled process and allow us to be able to achieve consistently higher part quality and yields.

Competitive Pricing: Controlling the Cost of Your Plastic Injection Molding Jobs

There are many factors that influence the cost of a project. The primary way we help you save money on your plastic injection molding jobs is through our experience.There are many factors that influence the cost of a project. By thoroughly reviewing your application with you we can develop a tooling strategy and offer suggestions for cost avoidance or cost reduction.

Intensive Focus: We focus on plastic injection molding

Our business model keeps our focus on custom plastic injection molding. 

Scheduling Flexibility

As business continues to accelerate and change we have the ability to help you remain agile. By having a short supply chain and setting up raw material inventory, KANBAN or other programs we can react quickly to rapid changes in schedule or product mix.

Technical Support

Spending the time to really understand as much as we can about your application allows us to offer some opportunities to reduce cost of molds and parts as well as improve the quality and durability of the molded parts.

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